The Firm

We acquire, develop and monetize internet-based businesses. Our strategy is to partner with internet companies that are growth oriented and can benefit from the global operational network of Western Principal Partners. We focus on investments in and acquisitions of internet-based companies generating $1.0 million to $10 million in annual revenues. Our portfolio companies will have developed a unique competitive positioning by offering a superior product solution and industry verticals channels.

Today, internet-based businesses have a short time in which to reach “escape velocity” from their crowd of competitors and to maximize value. An essential element to achieving this velocity is “leverage”, which comes from timely strategic partnering relationships. These critical partnerships can create many diverse opportunities… choosing the right one will be the difference required in today’s competitive marketplace. Because of WPP's trusted relationships and experience with the major participants in the sector, we can greatly accelerate the velocity of our partnerships.


We acquire undervalued Web properties in defined vertical channels. WPP seeks to identify web properties that are both poised for growth and that are at or tracking towards profitability and meet a specific need of their customer base. While the internet sector is still rapidly changing, Western Principal Partner's believes that this is exact time to acquire and invest in innovated web-based properties that are in a position to capitalize within these channels.

Western Principal Partners’ prefer to support existing management of growth-oriented internet companies through an acquisition or strategic partnership tailored toward their needs. We focus on internet companies that can leverage the global operational network and financing expertise of WPP; thereby, improving their profit margins and execution to their customers.


We use our expertise in Internet marketing techniques to increase traffic to our properties. We focus on expanding the sales, marketing and business development activities of the company, bolstering the depth and breadth of management teams and key personnel, expanding and/or refining product lines to improve competitive differentiation, and improving operational efficiencies to drive margin gains and ultimately improve the profitability.

We are an entrepreneurial company and those that we partner with around the world share our enterprising vision. We recognize that part of being a successful and well-respected internet company is being socially responsible. Western Principal Partners is committed to serve the communities where we do business, to provide our customers with high quality products and services and to protect the health of our workers and our environment.


Our investment experience and industry knowledge help us understand the key value drivers in a growing business and how we can most effectively contribute to the success of our portfolio companies. Specifically, we increased traffic to our properties and we use our knowledge to convert visitors to customers.

Our portfolio companies are considered "mid-stage," where product or technology developments have been integrated and marketing or economies of scale are the main objectives. WPP analyze strategic issues, such as extending product or service lines, enter into new alliances and acquiring complementary businesses.